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About Us

About Keacadd

KEACADD Bim & Cad Consultancy Star specializes in Software & technology business management & Training between three days and three weeks in length. At KEACADD, our primary objective is to help provide our clients services that will support there business & develop the skills of delegates to enable them to tackle existing challenges and grow within their organization. Our training courses cover virtually all aspects of management, including Strategic Management, People Management (see the Management Skills section), Operations Management, Finance, Human Resources, Public Relations, Sales and Secretarial skills. We also specialize in technical and non-technical Oil and Gas training. Our courses have been designed to provide the very best training for staff of all levels – from junior personnel, to senior managers, to directors of organizations.

Our Vision

To grow our current position of fast growing software development company into a worldwide IT solutions company.

Our Mission

To provide solutions for our clients that not only satisfies them and also assists them to grow to newer heights.

All IT Services From One Supplier

We continually update our service to include the latest requirements from companies in Qatar and around the world. A combined effort from our team allow us to stay on top of new progressions in our industry and share them with our clients. Get in touch if you have any questions.

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